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CCM - The Codec Call Monitor

The IRIS Broadcast Platform is a management software for live broadcast using ACIP-compatible codec equipment in a professional radio environment.  A versatile and extensible solution based on many years of experience and thousands of hours of live radio produced.

Platform-independent user friendly user interface

Built with the user in focus, IRIS Broadcast delivers a lot of flexibility in a graphical user interface built to support a professional broadcast production. Delivered as a web-based application, the monitor can be used on many devices – from mobile units to wall displays updated in real time.

Modular design 

The platform consists of several modules that together support the contribution network. IRIS Codec Call  Monitor and IRIS Discovery are the management platforms. IRIS Connect is the companion SIP server configuration for the Kamailio Open Source SIP server.

Free to use, modify and put in production

The IRIS Platform is licensed using an Open Source license. We are working on finding out which one, based on the libraries used in building the software. The license will mean that IRIS Broadcast can be freely used in your production, also giving you the rights to modify the software as you wish. We want to build a strong community surrounding the platform and invite you to participate!

IRIS Codec Call Monitor


  • Realtime monitoring of all active sessions, including details about the sessions
  • Check availability of all connected devices
  • Optimize call setup based on network properties, equipment capability
  • Integration with many different codecs
  • SIP server configuration optimised for live radio contribution


  • Best possible audio used in every session
  • Gives the master control room an overview of current sessions
  • Get statistics over usage per codec type, region or user
  • Helps users find available codecs


  • Windows Server
  • MySQL or MariaDB database server

IRIS Connect


  • SIP registrar and proxy supporting standard SIP codecs
  • Open Source software and configuration
  • Failover between datacenters
  • Realtime replication between servers
  • Integration with IRIS CCM and discovery using HTTP
  • Support for SIP using UDP, TCP and TLS
  • Support for IPv6 and IPv4


  • Standardised SIP server platform supporting all standard SIP user agents.
  • Ready-to-run configuration
  • Scalable to thousands of devices and calls


  • Debian Linux
  • MySQL database
  • RTPengine media server (Open Source)


The IRIS Codec Call Monitor and Discovery platform is available for free download on The software is licensed with the BSD 3-clause license, an Open Source license. Follow us on Twitter as @irisbroadcast or check the web site for further updates.

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